The difference of KUA-01 and KUA-02



KUA-01 VS KUA-02





The difference of KUA-01 & KUA-02

  KUA-01 KUA-02
Contain: Anchor Sleeve + Screw + Nut Anchor Sleeve + Flange Bolt
Usage: You can adjusting the nut according to the length you need. The flange bolt is always 3mm length than anchor sleeve
Fixing Tool:  Allen Key Spanner Hex Key Spanner
Full Set Price:  cheap 5%-10% high
Full Set weight:  3%-5% heavy light
Popular: 40% client choose 60% client choose



KUA-02 Fixing on the ceramic tile


Undercut Anker KUA02 Full Set


KUA-01 with ZM01 clip fixing on the fiber cement


KUA-02 with ZM01 bracket fixing on the fiber cement


KUA01 and KUA02


316 Undercut Anchor KUA-02 Full Set



KUA02 Black surface


ZM01 Alu Alloy Bracket with KUA01 full set undercut anchor


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