Aluminum Stone Cladding Fixing Bracket ZM01

Aluminum Alloy Stone Brackets

Series: ZM01

Material : 6063-T5

Suitable Undercut Anchor : KUA01/KUA02

The Aluminum Stone Brackets Cladding system is used for

 installation of ceramic or porcelain on facades of buildings.



Aluminum Alloy Stone Brackets ZM01 with Undercut Anchor KUA02



1.Product Descriptions

Name: Aluminum Stone Fixing Brackets, Aluminum Hanging System

Type: ZM01 

Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063-T5

Size: 50*3mm, 50*4mm

Adjusting Screw Size: M6*16

Contains: Aluminum Brackets+Adjusting Screw+Undercut Anchor (KUA-01/KUA-02)


Trademark: Jaring

MOQ: 100pcs

Packing: 300pcs/Carton,16Kg/Carton. 24cartons/Pallet.

Delivery Time: Within 7days.

Payment Term: 30% as deposit,the balance is against the copy of B/L



Ceramic Facade System Aluminum 6063-T5


Alu Alloy Marble Brackets ZM01 (6063-T5)


Aluminum Stone Brackets for Fiber Cement




    Aluminum alloy stone brackets are used with adjusting screw,undercut anchors KUA & PUA series and L angle bracket,aluminum serrated square washer to fixing the panels (stone,marble,ceramic tile,fiber cement...) on the building facades. 


Alu Alloy 6063 T5 Aluminum Roof Support System

3.For use in:  

Natural Stone | Artificial Panel |Fibre Cement | Ceramic | Porcelain Tiles



4.Choose the suitable Undercut Anchor Bolts size according to your stone thickness ?


Stone Thick>25mm,choose PUA Series Undercut Bolt


Stone Thick<25mm,choose KUA Series Undercut Anchor


(For example : If your ceramic tile thickness is 20mm,we suggest to choose KUA hs=15,the hole drilling depth is 15mm)


5. Aluminum Stone Fixing Brackets Technical information


Aluminum Stone Fixing System Installation Technical Data


Aluminum Stone Fixing Brackets for Curtain Wall


Aluminum Marble Fixing Brackets for Building Facades


Undercut Anchor for Fiber Cement


Aluminum Roof Support System ZM01


Panel Subframing System ZM01 & KUA02


Natural Stone Cladding Support System with Undercut Anchor KUA02


Ceramic Facade System ZM01


Brick Wall Support System ZM Aluminum Bracket


6. Jaring Aluminum Stone Brackets Installation for Building Facades Projects


Aluminum ZM Profile with ZM CLIPS


Stone Cladding Fixing System (ZM series)


Aluminum Cutain Wall Fixing Systems 


Terracotta Facade System


Aluminum T Brackets for Fixing Natural Stone


Stone Fixing Systems Projects


Curtain Wall Building Facades


Curtain Wall Stone Fixing Brackets


7. Jaring Alu Alloy Stone Brackets Exported to the countries in the past 15years.

   We are waiting for your join and choosing high quality Undercut Anchoring System from Jaring Facades!



8. Jaring Aluminum Stone Brackets Production in Factory and Packing Photos


ZM-01 wtih Hex Hole 9mm to used with S9 Anchor Sleeve


ZM-01 wtih Hex Hole 10mm to used with S10 Anchor Sleeve


Aluminum Brackets ZM-01 wtih Hex Hole 9mm to used with S9 Anchor Sleeve


Alu Alloy Stone Fixing System ZM-01 wtih Undercut Anchor KUA-01


Aluminum Stone Fixing System ZM-01 wtih Undercut Anchor KUA


ZM Brackets with KUA-02 M6*12 (Hs=9)


Stone Fixing System with Undercut Anchor KUA02


Aluminum ZM Clips with Hex Hole Packing Photos


Aluminum ZM Clips with Hex Hole Packing Photos


 Undercut Anchor Aluminum Clips with Hex Hole


Stainless Steel 304 Adjusting Screw M6*12


AISI316 Adjusting Screw M6*16


Aluminum Brackets ZM-01 6063-T5 


Aluminum Brackets ZM-01




Aluminum Bracket 50*3 Packing 


Aluminum Alloy ZM Profile 6000*3mm


Facade Cladding Support System ZM Profile 6m


Facade Cladding Support System T Profile 6m


Facade Cladding Support System L Angle


Jaring Aluminum Alloy Stone Angle Brackets


Jaring Facades Packing and Delivery



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